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Space Rocker Songs, Lyrics  and Poetry

by Michael Lee Steenbergen, San Antonio, Texas, USA, Earth, Milky Way
The above reference to planet and galaxy in representing my location is not a joke.  Barring  nuclear catastrophe, toxic environmental shock, terrorist overkill, or simply resource depletion, humans will someday need a zip code or URL that is hundreds of digits long.  If the human race survives a few basic stumbling blocks, we will colonize space...

Texas Oaks
Texas Oaks are dying
Can't you hear them crying
in the wind
my friend.
The cement slabs of progress
form the tombstones of doom
over ruptured roots.
The woodsman's fell ax
strikes blow after blow
at the heart
 of our Earth.
A touched leaf
troubles the nearby star.
What balance
do we callously
circa 1981 Austin, Texas
copyright 1999 by Michael Steenbergen

Space Rocker: The Rock Opera
Main Themes and  Song Lyrics

Look, my brothers, the sunrise
above the broad horizon.
When it sets we will live in peace:
No war!  No hate!  No guns!
Through the dark of the deepest night
you can see the glorious day.
Truth and justice will give us life.
Love will guide the way.
Take my hand and I'll take yours.
Together we will span
the endless space of the universe
with the brotherhood of man.
by Mike Steenbergen 1978
Copyright 1981 by Mike Steenbergen
in the Austin American Statesman  Austin, Texas
copyright 1993 by Michael Lee Steenbergen

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock rhythm with 160 bpm or faster
{Verse 1:}
Merchants and barters of our souls,
listen, listen, listen to the rock and roll.
You use our hands to make the steel
that forms the shell 'round big bombs that kill!
Merchants of war.
Merchants of war.
Merchants of war your blood runs cold!
{Verse 2:}
Merchants and barters of our souls,
money, money, money, money;  that's your goal!
The blood of children slain in vain
cries out with hate your wicked names!
Merchants of war.
Merchants of war.
Merchants of war your blood runs cold!
{Bridged Instrumental: 1}
Merchants of war.
Merchants of war.
Merchants of war your blood runs cold!
Music and words by Michael Lee Steenbergen 1979
Copyright 1993 by Michael Lee Steenbergen

There is a flame so dim and faint
that flickers in the vast void of space...
a flame that was kindled in the distant past
with the birth of the human race.
A flame that burns with a glorious light,
shining through the darkest night,
spreading love and hope and hate;
awaiting the judgment of fate....
To fade and die like a billion stars
spread across the heavens far;
or to burn forever in the sky...
Eternal flame!  Eternal life!
- written 1978
Copyright 1990, 1993 by Michael Lee Steenbergen


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