Voice Chat Booth #2: FREE Global Communication

Voice Chat Booth #2

Eliminate Long Distance Charges!
Free Voice Chat!

Free internet long distance voice communication to anywhere in the world with a Pentium I or greater and a microphone! As simple as using AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ Chat!

While not as clear or multiplexed as regular phone communication, voice chat is reminiscent of using a CB or Walkie Talkie

This page is designed to be viewed in Microsoft MSN Internet Explorer. Netscape or other browser users please use the original Web-a-dex Voice Page

System Requirements and detailed instructions.

If a booth is occupied, be polite and ask if it is a private conversation. If you have trouble finding an open booth, email support at bottom of page and we can add booths, or even give you a private URL within 24 hours (private URL's currently limited to first 1000 requests).

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