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COMING SOON! May 15th!

If you have reached this "Train Station" page, you have expressed an interest in Web-a-dex Internet Services or in the company's features, departments, products and services. Simply press START in the Tour Train Controls at the bottom of page to learn about the history of Web-a-dex and the company's current products and services. You must press start (under the green traffic signal) when you are ready to begin the virtual tour. The Virtual Tour Train, The Web-a-dex Express, is not automatically running until you do.

Operating the virtual tour train:

The controls are simple. GO (green light), STOP (yellow light), and EXIT (red light)

GO (green light) begins the virtual tour and moves The Web-a-dex Express to the next stop. The start green light works from any page in the tour including this Train Station page.

PAUSE (yellow light) stops the train on the current page. The train will not move again until you push either the green (resume tour) or red light (stop and exit to station).

System Requirements for Virtual Tour:
You must be using a fourth generation browser or higher, with an installed active sound board, and must have the browser set to accept the basic HTML redirect command. If your sytstem meets these requirements the virtual tour will start when you click the link below

active March 15th
Begin the tour.
Starts the virtual
train and moves
it to the next stop
Pause the tour
on this page
End the virtual tour
Exit to the Train Station

Sample Tour Documents:
Graphic A Michael Steenbergen files Domain Name Registrations including
Graphic B 1993 business name filing Silver Star Studio, San Antonio Texas
Graphic C 1999 business name filing Web-a-dex Internet Services, San Antonio, Texas

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