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Welcome to the user friendly Web-a-dex Universal Search Engine Page!  With our universal search tool you can quickly and easily find information on the web.  And find it on up to 18 search engines at once!  Preset check box selections search Microsoft, Alta Vista, Google, Northern Lights and CNet.  Small and large universal search boxes to add to your site or link to us!

  1. Multi search engine usage requires a 4th generation browser.
  2. Each search engine selected opens a new browser window 
  3. Enter search term or phrase in box provided

  4. Try being both specific and non specific in multiple searches.
    For example, the first time search for "web-a-dex internet services"
    Then a second search might be just "web-a-dex"
    Avoid capital letters and do not use quotation marks around
    the search term(s).
  5. Check mark the boxes by the search engines you want to use

  6. We recommend selecting 4 to 6 engines at a time, though with
    adequate system resources you can search all 18 engines at
    the same time 
  7. Make sure your browser and system resources are capable of 

  8. opening the number of windows (search engines check marked)
    by closing unnecessary programs and windows.  Make sure you
    are using Netscape and Microsoft 4.0 or above.
  9. Size and navigate the new windows with your regular tool bars
  10. If you need help email support at the bottom of the page.
  11. Save time and get comprehensive results
    Preset check box selections search:
     Microsoft, Alta Vista, Google, Northern Lights and CNet

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Poetry reading: Anthem of Seasons
The author of Space Rocker (and owner of Web-a-dex) reads his poetry - 4 min DL at 28k

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Pol. adv. paid by Generationist Political Action Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee
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  • SCIENCE: Ecology and Global Equilibrium: On the Survival of Species Periods of dominance by major species can terminate through selective pressures. Humans are not immune from this phenomena. Adaptation in response to these selective pressures can effect changes. A respect for life in all its forms as related by the underlying force of energy or animation (from the single cell to advanced primates) must be engendered. The balance that has allowed human development must not be casually or callously tossed aside. Global Equilibrium must be the moral to protect all life forms. Respecting nature, the rain forests, the environment itself is the key to survival. A "global conscious" must develop that is a new mental attitude ...

  • The Political Party for Everyone THE GENERATION PARTY Re-elect President Obama

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The Generation Party, the 'United States political party for everyone' was founded in Texas

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