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1999 San Antonio Texas
Michael Steenbergen, MCP
 Webmaster  Spanish / English
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Free Language Translator Breaks Barriers: World Peace Has Chance
"A world without borders"
through Multi Lingual Internet

Today, it is truly one planet, one people, one world, one web. Thanks to Web-a-dex and SDL International, the speakers of 6 major languages can now browse each others web sites. If I want to view a web page that is in French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian or German, I simply type the address in the free language translator to the side. The page will load with just a short second or two added for translation. Even the links will translate for continued ease of browsing! The free language translator is simply amazing! The window to the world is open ...

Hoy, es verdad un planeta, una persona, un mundo, un Web. Los gracias al Web-a-dex, Systran and SDL International, los habladores de 6 lenguajes importantes pueden ahora leer cada otros los sitios del Web. Si deseo visión un sitio de web que esté en francés, español, inglés, portugués, italiano o alemán, pulso simplemente el direccionamiento en el traductor en el lateral. La pagina cargará con apenas un momento corto o dos agregados para la traducción. Incluso las conexiones traducirán para la facilidad continuada de leer! Simplemente sorprendiendo! La ventana al mundo está abierto... 

Michael Steenbergen, owner
Web-a-dex Internet Services


New compact, combined url and text translators!
- Web Page Translator 
Translate any web page address! (Traduzca cualquier paginación del Web!) Essayez une autre page ! - Word and Text Translator
Try any text! Translates full pages of text! Just copy and paste. Also can be used as a translating dictionary by just entering one word or phrase. (Intente cualquier texto!) n'importe quel texte aussi ! Enter text in translator box above, choose language and press "Translate"
Use As A Multilingual Dictionary

Babylon translation services now include Mideast and Arabic language translator and translation services

 Translation Services sponsored in part by ...WWW.ARTISANFLOOR.NET
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Review Professional Translation Services

Paste whole pages of document text or a URL address on the SDL language translator box.  Type words in the Babylon Language Translator Dictionary!

Language Translator for Phrases and Documents

After comparing the online translator boxes available. Web-a-dex selected SDL Translation Services as an online Business Partner along with Babylon Translation.  Try the major source of machine human language  translation.  SDL Technologies provides these free online language translators.  Use as text and web language translator or as Multilingual Dictionary.  Set to Spanish language translator but you can choose English German Portuguese French Italian Spanish Norwegian.

Language Translator Dictionary

Retail LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR Services and Software

SDLDesktop Translator:

SDLDesktop Translator from
Instantly translate your documents and emails
Instant Translations from your Desktop


Coming Soon: SDLChat Translator:

SDLChat Translator from
Translate your instant chat messages
Instant Multilingual Messaging

BREAKING NEWS July 23rd, 2012

Web-a-dex Business Partner Babylon Translation Makes Wall Street Proposal

Babylon Language Translator Soars after Wall Street Listing Proposal

Quoting: International shares in online translation services company Babylon Ltd. (TASE:BBYL) are continuing to soar today, bucking the market, after announcing on Thursday that it was considering listing its securities on Wall Street. It added that it had not yet decided about the company value, the size, terms or timing of the offer, or even if it will be held.

March 2012: Microsoft Introduces Voice Universal Translator

Free Language Translator List 03/26/13  (updated weekly)


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Download Latin Translator

Free Language Translator: Latin

On Line Text Translator Includes Russian

Free Language Translator: Russian

Arabic English Online Language Translator

Translate back and forth from Arabic to English with free online language translator. Islamic cultural emphasis.

MyTranslate Translator 

On Line Free Language Translator: (New Web-a-dex Language Services Site)  Web-a-dex has a proprietary interest in Mytranslate.Us. is also being developed.

Download Translator and Dictionaries

Free Language Translator: English | Japanese | Hebrew | Chinese (S) | Chinese (T) | Dutch | French | German | Italian | Portuguese | Spanish

Language Translator Products and Services (Pay)

Translator :  PORTUGUESE/BRAZIL Jussara Bello Various types of technical translation, documentation, and interpretation. I have successfully translated in the following idioms, French/Portuguese
and English/Portuguese for Portugal and Brazil. My experience ranges from electronic, literary, administrative  and computer technical translations.

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GenPAC Supports the Following Candidates:
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Jim Riley for Congress - Texas 11th Congressional District
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Andrew Hathcock for Judge
Candace Duval for US Congress

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