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Internet Home Pages
January 11, 2000
  There are two issues involved in reviewing the subject of internet home pages: Useful Home Pages and User Home Pages. As a new user, it is recommended that you first select a browser "home page" that is useful. Then you will want to develope a "personal" home page that fits your needs and interests. As an entrepenauer you will of course want a business home page.
Useful home pages that may be bookmarked on the internet include Excite, Netscape, MSN, Go and Alta Vista. To bookmark a "useful" home page is a different procedure for Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. In Netscape browser select "EDIT" then chooe "Preferences" from the sub menu. Highlight "Navigator" if it does not automatically open to this selection. Look to the right and you will see the box to change your browser home page. In Internet Explorer browser select "Tools" and then choose "Internet Options". Under the tab for "General" you will see where to change the browser home page address. In both browsers you simply insert the web address you would like for your starting home page and finalize the selection with "done" or "ok" or "apply".
All of the suggested useful home pages offer similar features. News, shopping, services and links are common. When you are ready these companies will provide at no cost a user home page (personal or business) and the support to develope it. Each is reviewed below. If you want help in creating a home page simply email support at bottom of page.



A very well designed "useful homepage." All of the needed services and links are there and you can still see space between the lines. The page is done in larger than 8 point type for the most part and is easy to read. Get your own customized GO Network Page and see personalized news, sports, stocks and weather
Receive a free e-mail account you can access anywhere
Create your own free Homepage in just minutes
Talk to other members through chats and message boards



Alta Vista



MSN Microsoft Network


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