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Free Email
January 4, 2000
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Mail City
Sign up for a FREE email account!
Mail City

  MailCity, sponsored by Lycos, offers your basic free internet email, or webmail.  

  Compaq offers far more than just an email account. For one year you receive the deluxe virtual office,including secure file transfer (encrypted), 15M of web storage, email, calander, schedule master, remote access, and address book. An integrated communications solution from an industry leader.
The Compaq Briefcase

DCards - stamps


Disney offers free email from the Go ABC Netrwork. Premium links to a variety of internet services are offered by this network. Just click on free email at the top left of page and sign up with the Go Network.


Thanks for inquiring about free internet email. If you have signed up with an internet access provider you usually revieve one server based email account. However, the needs of the average user require multiple email accounts to distinguish between family members or between business and personal or simply for organizational purposes as in divisions of services. To use your server based email you generally need some technical information that you receive from your provider. You use this information to configure your browser's mail program. On the other hand, web based email, which is free per account and abounds on the internet, requires only a sign up with non technical information. The three featured services offer the best of internet email. MailCity and Lycos offer your basic web mail. Compaq offers deluxe services that are far more inclusive than most free email services. Disney offers the power of the Go ABC Network behind it's free email.

Disney (GO/ABC Network)

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