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Artisan Floors and More, LLC of McAllen, Texas offers services and installation for wood floors and acid stained concrete.  Real wood flooring is the better investment and as a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Artisan Floors carries two training certifications: Installer and Sand and Refinishing.  Serving South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley including McAllen, Harlingen, Weslaco, Brownsville, Port Isabel and South Padre Island.

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One Planet, One People! One World! One Web! Welcome to Web-a-dex Internet Services Resource Center! The company mission is to make the internet accessible and understandable to everyone by offering a user friendly start page with premium free internet services.  Web-a-dex also offers links to the best known products and names on the web. Free submission to and search of the top 18 search engines at one time . Both tools use only one entry! Free Products from major merchants! A well developed Education and Research Center with dictionary and on line library of science links! Dictionary on site and encyclopedia links. Detailed weather services and radar links also available in the Research Center! Free universal language and web page translator , voice chat, news, sports, games and much more ...
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Michael Steenbergen, Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Professional
The owner of Web-a-dex is MCP Certified - Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
The owner, Michael Steenbergen is also the Founder of the Generation Political Party

Joined the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce in 1999

Michael Steenbergen is running for Mayor of Granite Shoals Texas as head of the City Council
Vote for change! Vote Mike for Mayor!  We Like Mike!

Former Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido is Running Again

Poetry reading: Anthem of Seasons
The author of Space Rocker (and owner of Web-a-dex) reads his poetry - 4 min DL at 28k

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SCIENCE: Ecology and Global Equilibrium
On the Survival of Species
Periods of dominance by major species can terminate through selective pressures. Humans are not immune from this phenomena. Adaptation in response to these selective pressures can effect changes. A respect for life in all its forms as related by the underlyi
ng force of energy or animation (from the single cell to advanced primates) must be engendered. The balance that has allowed human development must not be casually or callously tossed aside. Global Equilibrium must be the moral to protect all life forms. Respecting nature, the rain forests, the environment itself is the key to survival. A "global conscious" must develop that is a new mental attitude ...

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Michael Steenbergen is running for Place 3 on the Granite Shoals City Council in Texas
The Future is Now!  Vote Michael Lee Steenbergen for Granite Shoals City Council.

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