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In the early 1980's in Austin Texas, a group of college students thought they could change the world with music. The lyrics and melodies of the rock opera "Space Rocker" were the result of this collaberation. Time passes, carreers take different paths, and idealism fades the further a person gets in time and space from the fraternity of college living. However all dreams do not have to die, and any dream does not need to die completely. The SPACEROCKER.COM domain recently opened and will be the host to The Texas Underground Radio. Through this medium the story of Space Rocker will finally see the light of day. In the meantime, lyrics and sound bites are available through this page and its links. Thanks for your visit and pay special attention to the information on The Club of Rome. It is a noble project.
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Poetry reading: Anthem of Seasons
The author of Space Rocker reads his poetry
(3 min DL at 28k / CLICK once)

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Know Yourself
from the rock opera Space Rocker!

Space Rocker Songs

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Space Rocker

Light skimmer, Light walker...
Smooth talker, Space Rocker....

White silver clouds and deep blue sky
will you open up and let us pass by...
A safe place in the universe...
Will we find it in our search?

Light skimmer, Light walker...
Smooth talker, Space Rocker...

Going past the furthest stars...
there's no question that we're going far...
but when we get there can we survive
the bombs and the poisons that we derive?

Light skimmer, Light walker...
Smooth talker, Space Rocker...

Oh, Holy God, won't you fill my soul?
And show me what's the everlasting goal...
Is it life? Is it love? Is it clear to see...
just what could last through eternity?

Light skimmer, Light walker...
Smooth talker, Space Rocker.

written in 1979 by and copyright 1993, 1999 by
Michael Lee Steenbergen
All Rights Reserved

The fight for the survival of the human species ...
Club of Rome
Club of Rome
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SpaceRocker's 'Save the World' Link
"There comes a time ..."
Whether they are used in the beginning lines of the Declaration of
Independence or as the opening of the lyrical We Are the World crusade, these words, 'there comes a time', seem to symbolize a call to arms.
There could be no greater call to arms than to save our planet
and the life forms on it. The Club of Rome believes that
together we can save the world ...

Express yourself. Do you think the human race will survive?

The Space Colonization Foundation asks you ...
Do you believe humans will win the race to survive and successfully colonize space?


Space Colonization Foundation
Space Colonization Foundation

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