Aside from its 9 operating proprietary domains, Web-a-dex Internet Services uses and recommends two free web site services.  Netscape Netcenter and Netfirms.

Netscape Netcenter hosts the Web-a-dex Severe Weather Center and the Original Space Rocker Home Page for Web-a-dex.  Web-a-dex Internet Services itself began as a single page called SearchCity at the Netcenter but the company renamed itself in formal business filings and purchased WEB-A-DEX.COM as the first of the 19 domains that it now owns.  The company highly recommends the Netscape Netcenter for the most novice to most experienced internet users.  Pages can be developed for personal or business use.  NetCenter recently incorporated FTP access for its users but still offers a SiteBuilder access for novice users.  Server reliability is excellent.  Customer support and guided user activities make this a 5 Star Rank out of 5 Stars as an excellent web service.

NetFirms offers free websites and even free domain hosting.    If you do not own a domain name, they will give you a address where you choose "yourname".  The service is great for developing personal or business prototype web sites.   If you own a domain name and have not chosen a host, NetFirms  will actually host the site for free as a fully InterNic addressed "" where "yourname" is your registered domain name.  FTP access is standard.  Server reliability is not 100% with your page being down for a few hours each week, often during internet peak traffic.  For a high profile internet business this would not be an acceptable option but for prototypes or personal use it is fine.  Site has a 4 Star Rank from Web-a-dex for the comprehensive free services it offers.


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