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Web-a-dex Triples Stake in Name Game
Subject: Press Release: Web-a-dex Internet Services #007
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 03:31:21 -0500
From: Michael Steenbergen <>
Organization: Web-a-dex Internet Services
To: Austin Statesman <>, Go Network ABC <>,
KABB 29 Fox - San Antonio <>, KMOL - 4 San Antonio <>,
KVDA TV - 60 Telemundo <>, Netscape World Headquarters <>,
New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung <>,San Antonio Express News <>,
The Associated Press <>, The Daily Texan <>, UPI <>,
WB 35 KRRT Kerrville - San Antonio <>


Tuesday June 27, 2000 3:30 AM CDT
San Antonio, Texas

"What's in a name?" Everything according to Web-a-dex. During the last two
months, Web-a-dex Internet Services of San Antonio, Texas has tripled its
ownership of domain name intellectual property rights. Today, the company
released a list of 19 domain name registrations that it now holds, along
with an informal estimate of appraised value on 16 of the names.

Recent confirmed sales of domain name property rights at $7.5 million and $3
million, plus numerous other high dollar name transfers, have fueled the
embryo internet domain name "real estate market". The brokering of domains
has made what are technically intellectual properties, words, into the new
"Internet Real Estate".

Web-a-dex has invested in finance related names along with several names in
the field of language translation. The communications industry was another
area of name purchases.

The released appraisal values are only estimates cautioned Web-a-dex owner,
Michael Steenbergen. Echo(arts) is an independent domain broker and
appraiser, and provided the valuation for the company. Echo(arts) uses four
criteria to establish the value of a name. Quoting Echo(arts):

"ECHO(arts) appraises domain names on Commercial Development Potential, Name
Recognition, Length and Extension Value ... The results of that formula are
then compared to recent market conditions for domain names."

Steenbergen added that this is not a formal or certified MBIE appraisal and
that the numbers should be viewed as only an estimate of value derived from
one independent web appraisal group. The total estimated valuation of the
names came in between $275,000 on the low end and $800,000 on the high end.
The difference in estimated low and high valuation is based on future
potential development and market pressures.

Web-a-dex Internet Services owns the following domain name registrations.
The low estimated value** is given first (in $1000's) with the high estimated
value** in parenthesis:

www.CHOICEFREE.COM 26.6 (065.8)
www.MYTRANSLATE.COM 46.30 (104.3)
www.COOLTRANSLATE.COM 20.0 (067.0)
www.COOLTRANSLATOR.COM 13.4 (057.5) 
www.RAINBOWLOANS.COM 09.8 (029.6)
www.LOANLOANS.COM 28.5 (091.4)
www.KWEZ.COM 02.9 (008.0)
www.SAFINANCE.COM 13.1 (056.4) 
www.LOANSFINANCE.COM 24.4 (069.1)
www.VOICEFIRM.COM 19.5 (068.7)
www.VOICEFIRMS.COM 03.9 (011.8)
www.TRANSLATORZONE.COM 03.8 (011.5)
www.TRANSLATEUSA.COM 42.5 (101.2)
www.TRANSLATEHQ.COM 12.4 (083.1) 
www.TRANSLATORUSA.COM 03.9 (012.6) 
www.TRANSLATORHQ.COM 03.4 (010.5) 
www.FREELANGUAGETRANSLATOR.COM (not yet appraised)

www.SPACEROCKER.COM (Private proprietary)
www.WEB-A-DEX.COM (Private proprietary)

After the release of the above information on June 27, 2000, Web-a-dex has
also acquired the registrations on the following domains:.

www.ELECTORALCOLLEGE.CC (not yet appraised)
www.CHOICEFREE.NET (not yet appraised)
www.SAINFO.COM (not yet appraised)
www.SATOWN.COM (not yet appraised)
www.MYSANANTONIO.NET (not yet appraised)
www.EZCOR.NET (not yet appraised)
www.SALIFE.NET (not yet appraised)
www.TOURFLORIDA.NET (not yet appraised)
www.GLOBALWEAPON.COM (not yet appraised)
www.RACESTOP.COM (not yet appraised)
www.SPACEROCKER.NET (not yet appraised)
www.WEBADEX.ORG (not yet appraised) t 07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/02/01 - 07/02/02  07/27/01 - 07/27/02  07/27/01 - 07/27/02    07/27/01 - 07/27/02    07/27/01 - 07/27/02   07/27/01 - 07/27/02   07/27/01 - 07/27/02  07/27/01 - 07/27/02  07/27/01 - 07/27/02   07/27/01 - 07/27/02   07/27/01 - 07/27/02 

** ECHO(arts) Disclaimer:
ECHO(arts) makes no guarantee as to the final selling price for your domain
which may be higher or lower than the above values

Contact Information:

Michael Steenbergen, owner
Web-a-dex Internet Services
4107 Medical Drive, Suite 5202
San Antonio, Texas 78229-5624
Phone: 210-949-0825

POSTED: Tuesday June 27, 2000 3:30 AM CDT

Web-a-dex Internet Services <>
Silver Star Studio

Web-a-dex Internet Services
Owner <>
Silver Star Studio HTML Mail
4107 Medical Dr 5202 Work: (210) 949-0825
San Antonio
United States
Additional Information:
Last Name Steenbergen
First Name Michael
Version 2.1

* Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.  Microsoft Certified Professional" ("MCP") shall mean an individual who has complied with the "Certification" requirements set by the MCP Program (including, but not limited to, satisfactorily passing the requisite "Microsoft Certified Professional Examinations").  Michael Steenbergen and Web-a-dex Internet Services are independent of Microsoft Corporation and have earned the Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building certification.  Display of the MCP logo indicates no other endorsement than 'industry recognition of  knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft products and technologies', in particular, Designing and Implementing Web sites with Front Page 98 and Designing and Implementing Web Solutions with Microsoft® Visual InterDev 6.0. 
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