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Michael Steenbergen, owner
Silver Star Studio
Web-a-dexTM Internet Services

"Find a new way home ..." Appropriate words for a world in the midst of a technological revolution or more aptly, evolution. As the internet truly makes us one world and one people, we now move forward looking to innovative truths to build a new millenium. The most basic innovation is that the highway of yesteryear was made of asphalt. The new highway of our times is made of light. As each of us turns from the familiar oil slickened ribbons of highway to the fiber optic paths that now link the world we face an adjustment. The mission of Web-a-dex is to provide information, help and support in this transition. For the new internet user it contains the vital links and services necessary to quickly utilize the major features of the world wide web.

Shirley Blevins Alford, Executive Vice-President
Web-a-dexTM Internet Services

"Web-a-dex is the most user friendly and easy to understand web service I have experienced. I am proud to handle the business and development aspects of the company while having the convenience of our Web Resource Center to rely on and make the internet understandable."
Contact Info:
Michael Steenbergen
4107 Medical Drive Suite 5202
San Antonio
United States
1-888-392-4832 EXT 2109490825
(210) 949-0825
  Company Info:
Silver Star Studio specializes in media and communication.
Started in Texas in early 1993 (filed in Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas, February 1993),
it owns and operates Web-a-dex Internet Services.

Below is a copy of the Official Domain Registration
filed with Network Solutions as the government
registrar for the Department of Commerce of the
United States.

  • Registrant: Silver Star Studio (WEB-A-DEX-DOM) 4107 Medical Drive, Suite 5202 San Antonio, TX 78229-5624 US Domain Name: WEB-A-DEX.COM Administrative Contact: Steenbergen, Michael (MS36931) msrocker@WORLD-NET.NET 210-949-0825 Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Crow, Ricky (RC1387) rickyc@WORLD-NET.NET 210-226-6666 (FAX) 210-633-1100 Billing Contact: Steenbergen, Michael (MS36931) msrocker@WORLD-NET.NET 210-949-0825 Record last updated on 04-Oct-1999. Record created on 04-Oct-1999. Database last updated on 20-Nov-1999 22:05:54 EST. Domain servers in listed order: NS1.WORLD-NET.NET NS2.WORLD-NET.NET

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